tallulah carw

portrait of Tallulah Carw, shown with dark hair, over a muted orange background

Do you run from your curse? Or claim it?

After seven years away, Fenn Kerry returns to Alderland, a country that has spent the last few generations driving all traces of magic from its borders. Fenn, one of the only witches born on Aldish soil in recent memory, has had enough reason to make herself scarce. Once she arrives, the other skeletons in Fenn’s closet make themselves known, in the form of the disgraced Prince Owin Maddox, raising their daughter Angharad, alone.

Haunted by the mythical figure of the Fox-Fire Witch —the fabled bogeyman prophesized to doom all of Alderland and the reason witches have been exiled from the kingdom. But, banning witches hasn’t silenced magic itself, and the Wytchwood forest at the core of the kingdom has begun to expand, overgrowing the smaller towns with unnatural speed, and driving societal unrest into the capital.

Fenn, so fearful of the Fox-Fire Witch that her handle on magic grows more fragile every day, is in no state to stop the chaos. But when the bastard Princess Angharad is in danger, only the Fox-Fire Witch can save her. To save Alderland, Fenn would need to sacrifice her daughter and banish her ghost for good. To save her daughter, she only needs to lose herself.

She will be hunted, exiled, and betrayed before she has to make an impossible choice. Will she save her homeland and rid herself of the Fox-Fire Witch for good? Or will she ally herself with her darker half, and change the face of Alderland forever?

Currently querying for representation. Release date updates will come through social media.